Monday, 15 March 2010

Wan Ton Mee - How it's made?

CNY 2010 010
We had a lot of Wan Ton Mee/noodles before but do you know how it's made? Well it had been a long while since i do something to this blog so just figure i'll just update something here :)

CNY 2010 011
This is the machine which a wheel will keep spinning and the mechanism will flatten the flour/egg/whatever not.
CNY 2010 012

CNY 2010 013
Adjusting the lever it will then cut the flour into thin shaped noodles :)

CNY 2010 014
CNY 2010 015
And of course it's ready to be cooked and eaten :)

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Nippon Yataimura in 1 Utama

Its been a long time since I've taken Ramen. In my humble opinion, the ramen here doesn't really taste that nice. I've eaten better ones...but i've forgotten where..*dang

LG352, Lower Ground Floor, 1 Utama

Picture taken by camera phone:

Seaweed ramen with pork slices - RM13

Pork ramen - RM 16

Big piece of pork

Gyoza - RM10

Some sushi - RM6

Total is about RM54 again...what a number...

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Paddington House of pancakes in The Curve

Pictures taken with camera phone.

Peach tea with honey

Buckleberry pancake with ham and eggs

Berry in pancakes

This set is called Tokyo.

There's chicken in-between of the thin pancakes.

Total price is about Rm54. But then, it depends on what you order. The menu is so thick with images and history of pancakes. Might want to go try their desserts some day. Looks good...

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Momo Japanese Buffet Restaurant in BU

Last week, Bernard suggested to have a japanese buffet. So Berns, Roma, Steve, Jessy and myself went to Momo Japanese Restaurant to have the all-you-can-eat buffet. Its located in CentrePoint Bandar Utama, just above Bernard's Restaurant.

Price for dinner is about: RM44++ per person


Lot F9 Centre Point Bandar Utama

Bernard and Roma

Cold Soba

Duck meat in Taman Mayang

Auntie selling duck meat by the road. Has been doing that for years it seems.

Meat is nice and tender. Half a duck cost RM16. No place to seat, you'll need to pack it.

Location is near the traffic lights between Taman Megah and Taman Mayang (near the primary school).

Comes with 3 sauces.

Instant Miso Soup

There seems to be a Japanese food fair in Isetan KLCC last few weeks. So happens that I was there and a japanese guy was trying quite hard to sell me one of these. An instant miso soup pack. Just add water. That easy!

Its not bad, so I bought a packet of 12 which cost RM16.