Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Jogoya Starhill Gallery Dinner

Date : 30th June 2007
Venue : Jogoya, Starhill
Price / head for dinner: RM 88++ (All prices are subject to 10% service charge and 5% government tax.)

Over the weekend, our team planned to go for a dinner + farewell for Chandra. A place was booked in Jogoya, a Japanese buffet in Starhill. Our group reached about 515pm, 15 minutes later than expected, and meet up with the rest of our teammates.

The food here is fantastic! Though not so much variety to choose from, but still is more than enough! I believe most of us didn't even manage to taste everysingle food there.

After we have started eating halfway through, Steve and I saw this notice on the table. This is actually a guide on what to eat accordingly. It was a bit late for us to follow since we were already way into our main courses. Maybe next time.... So to you guys out there, remember to lookout for this before you start =P

We had the RAW... (Bernie would say fresh)

We had the Fresh...

And more!


Some of the food there, example fishes and crabs will need to be ordered using the pre-assigned clips. Just pass the clips to the chef and they will deliver your food to your table according to the table number.

The Dudes and Dudettes are really enjoying themselves there. No doubt there was a lot of noise and disturbing behaviours going on in the room.

I wonder if we are banned from Jogoya after that trip? The whole room seems to be turned upside down.
Well, there were some deserts as well of course.

After the dinner, as planned, we were to head to Times Square for the movie Transformers. As we were all soooo full, we decided to walk there. Bukit Bintang was full of people with all sorts of new stuffs.

We were too early for the movie as it starts at 12midnight. So we went for a game of bowling.

For more action, click below to play...

soli la... phone camera quality no good la ...