Thursday, 28 June 2007

KSC Inter D Archery Competition 2007

Our company believes in work life balance. You should always play as hard as you work. Therefore, every department in our company has been categorized into 4 main teams, SHREDDER, PERL, JAVA and FOXPRO. These 4 teams will compete with one another in all sorts of games like, tennis, karting, pool, darts, board games, etc etc.

This year, I'm in Shredder and I was part of the KSC Archery club. I was on reserved, so I went for the event and decided to do some shooting - as in photo shooting..hehehe...

Not bad, all teams are quite strong...and the ladies were not too bad. All teams are made up of 6 people (Min 2 ladies).

The scores were close and there was even the captain's challenge.

Well, the winner in the end was Perl, Foxpro in second.
There are still more games to come. Hope I will have the time to cover the events.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Super GT 2007

The SUPER GT INTERNATIONAL SERIES MALAYSIA race, Round 4 of the 2007 AUTOBACS SUPER GT, took place at the Sepang International Circuit (lap = 5.542 km) in Malaysia on June 22-24. The event takes 3 days - Practise round, Qualifying round and the Race Day.

A group of us, mainly the KSC Photography club members took this opportunity to go for this event. On Saturday, we gathered in the office and head towards Sepang using the new Dengkil highway (which is much faster and no-toll!). Most of us didn't bring much water bottle in coz last year, the guards actually stopped us from bringing it in. This year, the guards were a bit slack though.

Reached there about 11am++ and decided to go to the tower to do some panning shots of the cars.

By 12pm, there was already a long queue waiting to go to the Pit Walkabout. The pit walkabout is only for 30 minutes. So we waited patiently and made our way to the pit stop where all the race queens will stand and pose for us. To our dismay, the race queens came out late! But its still ok, we don't mind =)

So all of us, rushed to each pit stop to take pictures like mad cows. I had to fight with the other photographers to get a good position. People there were pushing and punching each other.

After the pitwalkabout, some of us head on to the restricted area behind the pit stop. There's so many fantastic stuff to see. A note to those who has never been to the restricted area, please bring more cash. In the cafe, a can of softdrink cost RM6 and a burger cost RM20 I think. But you will definitely enjoy the airconditioned cafe + the view. Its an experience.

A scene behind the pitstop and the airconditioning cafe with a nice view

After getting our drinks, we saw drivers and race queens walking about, so we decided to take pictures of them and also with them. This is an experience you will never get if you just sit around in the grand stand.

We were there for almost the whole day. By the end of the day, we were sooo tired, and we decided to call it for the day. We came back to the office and started to sort all the pictures (which is in hundreds) and finally selected a few pictures to be printed. We quickly went to the Equine Park's Jusco to get it printed in the Kodak shop. The print kiosk prints instantly and cost RM 1 a piece(heartpain).

The next day (24th June), we headed to Sepang again. The weather looks fine with dark clouds. We thought it was going to rain and hope for the best. Again we lined up to go to the Pit Walkabout. When we were in, we rushed to the pit stops to get the race queens' autograph. The weather now changed to a super duper hot striking sun weather. We were all sweating and sweating and sweating non stop. I can feel my skin burning and our faces were all red.

Finally, when the time's up for the pit walkabout, we head back to the restricted area once more. In there, we can see photographer having photoshoots with the race queens. So we tag along as well..hehehe...

We hang around the containers' area for shade until its time for the starting grid lineup. We went in to the track and started taking pictures of the cars, drivers, race queens and mechanics. Everyone was crazy...and the temperature was freaking hot. The heat from the tar and the sun made me dizzy (like in a boat) and nearly faint. Pity those girls and drivers standing there. Can see their sweat everywhere but they still have to stand and smile for us.

As most of us aren't free, we decided to head back at 4.50pm. So we didn't get to see the podium and celebration.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Business visit to Shell Refinery PD 2007

Venue : Shell Refining Company (Federation of Malaya) Berhad
Date : 21st June 2007
Time : 10a.m.

Recently there's a business visit organised by GFAS to Shell Refining Company in Port Dickson. Our group was the first batch to visit the Refinery Company this year and what an experience we had.

We started to gather and check in at the Lobby of TO office. Getting our beverage and sign our name in we headed to the bus waiting for us out side the parking lot. Everyone's punctual and our bus left for PD sharp on 10.30a.m.

The Trip to PD went smoothly and we reached our destination for lunch a little bit early. We are already in PD and they had organised lunch at a restaurant name Restoran Ummi Seafood Village.

The tomyam is nice, not too spicy and enough taste to last in your tongue. Ikan bakar was freshly fried over an open fire outside the restaurant.

Ikan bakar

The romantic lunch (kidding), the candle for chasing flies away

The lunch sessions was supposed to last 1 hour and 30 minutes but we finish early. So we headed to the BEACH! Well, Beaches in PD was beautiful. It was clean and the sand is soft, but by the time we are there was just noon, so it was very very hot!

Reach Refinery way ahead of scheduled time. We are at least 15 minutes early than the appointment with SRCPD. The refinery was huge, one of the largest in Peninsula Malaysia for Shell. This refinery holds the crude oil that has been brought in by tanker ships to be sent and processed. In here, household gas and petrol are also being produced for lorry tankers to be distributed to the petrol stations. As the refinery is a hazardous place, no electronic devices can be brought in. Hence, no cameras in the area as well.

For more pictures click here.

sort of abandon tankers used for enclosed space training for the workers

safety comes first

cooking gas!

the tanker ship - takes 3 days to load a full tank